Do the right thing.  It’s a mantra I work to live up to daily.

I grew up in farm country where the streams of spring and summer had “rainbows” running through them.  Those rainbows were toxic pesticides and herbicides no one would want their child wading through.  I spent years traveling the world sourcing produce where I saw people in the equivalent of hazmat suits, wearing respirators without a patch of skin showing as fields were sprayed.  I also traveled to farms relentlessly working to find better ways, harnessing the magic of ladybugs for pest control and relying on compost rather than chemicals.  Certainly not as easy, but the right thing to do.  These experiences drive our commitment to supporting farmers committed to not just sustainable, but certified organic farming in their vineyards.

Walking fields and beaches around the world where the commonality wasn’t language or culture, but trash – usually some form of packaging – blown, washed up or dumped in distant fields, remote beaches and landfills by the ton and growing to a seemingly endless heap.  Trash is everywhere.  It hurts my heart and we have to change.  I came to understand the difference between recyclable (can be) and recycled (is) and after much research and debate, chose a breakthrough fiber-based bottle for our wine because of its radically reduced carbon and water footprint over glass or aluminum.

The harsh impacts of a pandemic left our world without the vibrancy of meals shared with friends and families, the buzz and beauty of art fairs, and so many of the daily experiences that enrich our lives.  This made me keenly aware of the importance of what the world of artists and shared experiences bring.  I was thrilled when I saw this bottle that can serve as a new canvas for artists to share their talents with others and bring a new level of beauty to the bottle and table.

I am committed to action and recognize the journey is an evolution.  I will tirelessly search for new discoveries that will make our wines better and continue to reduce our impact on the planet.  I’m excited and grateful to have you join me on this journey that is Signal 7 Wines.

-Rob VanRenterghem, Signal 7 Wines